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Sambhar Powder
Sambhar Powder

Sambhar Powder is the flavoured spice blend extensively used in Southern India for making delicious Indian Vegetarian Stew called Sambhar. The nutrition-rich broth, somewhat sour and spicy, is prepared by using a combination of vegetables, tuvar dal, adding some tamarind pulp and sambhar powder. The South Indian sensation Sambhar complements well with Hot Steamed Rice,


Coriander (Dhania) is very aromatic spice. It has an earthy aroma and gives a unique flavour to the dishes. It is rich in essential oils and used both, as herb and a spice. It is member of the parsley family and is considered as one of the top five spices. All the parts of the

Chana Masala

Chana masala powder is an Indian spice blend used to prepare Chole Masala or Chickpeas curry masala. It is this spice which gives the curry a special hot & tangy flavour and makes Chole Masala a special North Asian dish. In addition to the distinctive flavour it gives to the recipe, it also gives visual

Bhuna Jeera Powder

Bhuna Jeera powder (Roasted Cumin Seeds Powder) is a unique aromatic spice which imparts an excellent smoky flavour and enhances the taste of traditional Indian curries. It has a unique flavour which is very different than the ordinary Cumin powder. Sprinkle homemade Bhuna Jeera powder in small quantities over raitas, salads, fruit chaats, dahi vadas

Cumin Seeds (Jeera)

Cumin seeds (Jeera) is a very versatile spice used for its distinctive flavour in Indian, Mediterranean, Middle Eastern and Mexican cuisines. It imparts warmth and a unique peppery flavour to the dishes with a distinct aroma. Cumin seeds are rich in essential oils which has both health and culinary benefits. Cumin herb belongs to the

Turmeric powder

Turmeric powder or Haldi Powder is the primary culinary ingredient which provides a musky flavour and vibrant yellow colour to our curries. It is the principal spice and a flavouring agent and used extensively in South Asian and Indian dishes. Its bright yellow in colour, slightly pungent and bitter in taste. Turmeric powder is mostly

Garam Masala

Garam Masala is an aromatic spice mix powder which is used in many North Asian dishes. The word “Garam” means “hot” and truly this spice mix brings warmth to every dish it is added too, and “Masala” means “Mixture” as it is a blend of fragrant spices. Spices used in preparing Garam Masala may differ

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