Bhuna Jeera Powder

Bhuna Jeera powder (Roasted Cumin Seeds Powder) is a unique aromatic spice which imparts an excellent smoky flavour and enhances the taste of traditional Indian curries. It has a unique flavour which is very different than the ordinary Cumin powder.

Sprinkle homemade Bhuna Jeera powder in small quantities over raitas, salads, fruit chaats, dahi vadas and soups and notice the aroma and flavours it brings to the dish. When added to buttermilk (Lassi), it serves as an appetiser and aids digestion as well. The refreshing summer drink tastes incredible if garnished with fresh mint leaves and a pinch of black salt.

Bhuna Jeera Powder offers several health benefits. It aids digestion, stimulates appetite, provides relief from nausea and stomach related disorders. It acts as a potent detoxifying agent and helps in improving the metabolism of the body.

Follow these simple steps and preparing fresh Bhuna Jeera Powder at Home.

  • Dry roast the whole Cumin seeds in a broader pan for few minutes over a low flame until it turns golden and releases a strong aroma.

  • Keep stirring every few minutes to prevent the seeds from burning. Do not over-roast the cumin seeds as it may taste bitter.

  • Allow it to cool to the room temperature and grind the seeds in a spice grinder for a fine finish.

  • You can also prepare Bhuna Jeera Powder in small quantities by pressing the roasted cumin seeds with the help of a rolling pin on a flat surface for a making a coarse powder. You can coarsely grind them with a mortar and pestle.

  • Store in a dry airtight container. It can be stored and used for several months, but the aromatic spice tastes fresh when prepared in small quantities and used within ten days.

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