Why do you ask me to register before I can shop at your store?

We ask you to register in order to serve you better. The process is simple and quick. You will be required to provide information like name, address, contact telephone number, e-mail. Information collected will help us to process your order.

Can anyone register and order online?

As long as you are over 18 years of age, you can register and place an order with us.

How much does it cost to register?

Registration is free and does not cost anything. You can also subscribe for our free newsletter.

Can I open more than one account?

We do not recommend creating more than one account, you will not be able to create account more than once with the same e mail ID.

Can I change my personal information?

Yes you can edit your personal information by logging to your account in “Account information” area.

How to shop in Value Supermarket?

Once your account is created you will be ready for shopping. You can browse through our site and check our sections. Do not forget to check out our “Value Offers” If you are looking for a specific product, the simplest way is by typing it in the product search field.

Products are displayed in an organised manner to facilitate quick and easy shopping experience to visitors. Click on buttons provided to shortlist Items you want and add it to your shopping basket. You can also create a wishlist for final review.

Is there any minimum order value?

No, we do not have any minimum order value. You are welcome to order goods of any amount. Please be aware that we do charge for deliveries.

Where can I find my order details?

Before placing your order you can go to “My Basket” to review your order. You are requested to check the order before placing an order in order to avoid any inconvenience.

Do you accept bulk or large size orders?

Yes we do. In fact the biggest advantage of shopping with us is that we offer special prices to people who place bulk orders. Large families end up saving quite an amount when they order their monthly groceries from our store. Delivery and payment conditions remain unchanged.

Will I receive a confirmation of my order?

As soon as you place an order, we will send you an order confirmation email that will confirm every item you have ordered. We advise that you check the email to confirm all the important details like delivery address, goods orders and quantities. Contact us immediately if you find anything wrong or missing in the order by sending an email to orders@valuesupermarket.co.uk

Is there a restriction on number of items I can order to my shopping?

No, there isn’t. Barring items that are in limited stock or are out of stock, you can place order for as many of them from the products displayed on the site as you wish to

Is there a way to track my order? How?

Yes, you can login to your account and go to Track Your Order button to check the status of your order.

Can I access my old invoices?

Old invoices can be accessed by logging to your account.

How & where can I contact your customer Service?

You can call us on… to be attended by one of our help desk executives who will assist you to resolve the problem or answer your question.
Please note all calls made by Value Supermarket and to Value Supermarket may be recorded for training and quality purpose.

What if only part of my order is delivered or I get the same stock delivered twice? (Relevant?)

This eventuality is not likely to occur considering our strategic and organized set up. However if, as and when it occurs you will be informed about it in advance. If you receive an item or order twice, we request you to please inform the same to our Delivery Staff immediately because later on when we identify the errors through our system, it can become a long drawn and complicated issue for all the parties involved.

What are the items I can’t order?

At present we do not sell alcoholic beverages, prescription medicines, tobacco, and cigarettes.

Does your store have a postal address?

Yes it does. It is 85 Hounslow Road, Hanworth, Feltham, Middlesex, TW136QA

Why do you send a substitute Item?

Substitute items are sent when we run out of items you’ve ordered. We identify the best possible alternate product keeping the price, weight, and quality, in mind before we send it to you. It’s a service we provide keeping customer’s convenience in mind. Our deliver staff tells you about it when he comes to off-load the delivery; however if you don’t approve of the product or don’t want it, you can send it back with our staff, we will refund you the amount due either by deducting it from your bill or if your order was placed against cash on delivery, you can pay us by deducting the cost of original product and returning the product we sent you.

How do I pay?

For now, we are accepting payment through PayPal. Quick, simple & safe. If you happen to be our Value Card Holder, you can avail of our Cash on Delivery facility. We plan to accept major debit and credit cards in future as we expand our business beyond London.

How to Use Promotional Coupon Code?

Promotional coupons entitle you to certain discounts. When you check out after shopping, you will be required to place your promotional coupon code in the box provided for it in the bill. A valid coupon entitles you to get discounts offered on that coupon.

How Can I Use Promotional Coupon Code?

We will send you a coupon code on certain occasions which you will be expected to place when the billing details of your order appear on screen. It will entitle you to certain discounts thereby savings. It’s a special offer that we send out to our regular customers from time to time as a mark of gratitud.

How can I change the order?

How do I cancel the order?

Can I Cancel, Edit, Exchange the Items I’ve ordered?

Oh yes, you can. Just make sure you are doing it within the cut-off time mentioned in the email you receive from us confirming the order. Just log in to your account, go into edit version, and then change, re-order, or cancel the order you’ve placed by following the prescribed procedure. There are different cut off times for different time slots and products. Also once you make changes you should save them.

Exchange can sometimes become a slightly tricky issue.

On some occasions when you place a bulk order to avail of discounts and per chance if we are not able to comply with the entire order, then we offer you discount at pro-rata rate for the part of consignment that we are able to deliver. Similarly if you order an item that’s on special offer and we replace it, in that case again we shall offer you a pro-rata discount on the product we have replaced based on its price. We follow a specific formula to arrive at prorate rate….

In which areas do you currently deliver?

Currently we deliver in major parts of London and around However we will expand our deliveries to Birmingham, Bristol, Oxford, Brighton and Leister. Please see Delivery Information for more information.

Do you deliver on weekends and bank holidays?

Yes we deliver on weekends and bank holidays, but this service is restricted to specific areas. Please see Delivery Information for more information.

Why do you charge for deliveries? When other sites offer free delivery.

Some companies offer free deliveries for orders more than a specific amount, but believe us, nothing is free, these companies raise the price of the product so that when you make a purchase of a specific amount delivery charges are included in the price.

We do not force customers to place minimum orders because over ordering can cause wastage and unnecessary purchase. Our prices are second to none in the market and this is why we charge a nominal amount for deliveries.

How will I know when are my orders reaching?

We deliver within 72 hours of your having placed the order, within London. We won’t keep you waiting for 72 hours or expect you to be home. We will notify you of the tentative delivery time well in advance over email so that you know when is the order arriving and you can be home to receive it during that time.

Who will come to deliver my order?

It won’t be a postal deliver. Our Delivery Staff on duty will come to deliver your order in a Delivery Van. He will give you the bill and you will check the consignment with our staff’s help to make sure that every item in order has reached you in good condition. If any of them has not arrived in acceptable condition, meaning it is broken, damaged, past the Best-Before date, etc you can send it back with our staff and we will give you a refund without any questions asked. If you are a member availing our `Cash on Delivery’ facility, you can pay our staff on Delivery Duty. On receiving all the items you ordered, you will be required to sign a Delivery Memo to confirm the receipt of the same. If you are returning items (damaged, substitutes etc) you will mention it in the Delivery Memo. We will make appropriate deductions accordingly.

What if I am not home when delivery arrives?

We generally deliver all orders within 72 hours within London. While placing your order you will see a comment box. Place any special instruction regarding delivery in that box. E.g. we deliver order at your neighbours in your absence, don’t deliver between a specific time, etc. We will inform you by email specifying the approximate time when we will deliver the order. However if we still happen to miss you due to some unavoidable circumstances (at your end or ours), we can co-ordinate again, and if we can’t make it the same day, will try to work out the next mutually agreeable delivery time as amicably as we can.

Do you deliver to P.O Box addresses?

Sorry, we do not deliver to a P.O Box address. We only deliver orders to a residential or commercial addresses.

How much do you charge for delivery?

You will be given clear information about the delivery charges while placing an order. Charges are based on geographical location, day, and time of delivery. We may charge more for immediate or express delivery. Please see Delivery Charges for more information.

How about refunds?

Well, if any of the items you ordered arrived in damaged condition or did not arrive at all, in that case you can inform us of the same online and we will refund the amount. No questions asked; however, make sure you inform us within 24 hours of having received the delivery. You just need to sign in and either click on refund button or go to your past orders button and follow the procedure mentioned to request refund.

What is Value Card?

Value Card is a privileged membership card offered to our regular customers. You can apply for a Value Card by filling an online application form.

Benefits of Membership Value Card :

It’s a FREE Membership Card for people over 18 years of age. It takes only two minutes to become Value Card Holder. When you become Value Card member, you become all the more valuable for us. Because when you become our member we assume you like us and would like to stay with us and shop from our site, provided we serve you well. In reciprocation of this gesture on your part, we offer you as many benefits; as often as we can besides top class services.

As a member you will be informed about our free delivery offer as and when we announce such bonuses or promotional plans. You will enjoy discounts your favorite brands, enjoy Express and Priority delivery on some occasions about which we will inform you in advance. We will also inform you about the exclusive seasonal offers and discounts we announce for our members from time to time; again about which we will inform you in advance.

Once you become our registered member you are entitled to our membership card, called the Value Card which entitles you to enjoy special benefits. For example you can enjoy or Cash on Delivery Benefits while placing your order.

The postcode you provide while registering helps us to confirm whether or not we are operationally and logistically equipped to deliver grocery and other products in your area.
If we aren’t, we notify the same to you, immediately. It saves you the time and effort if you know this before starting to shop. 3rd benefit is when you shop as a registered user you will get to see updated status of stock availability.

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