Sambhar Powder
Sambhar Powder

Sambhar Powder is the flavoured spice blend extensively used in Southern India for making delicious Indian Vegetarian Stew called Sambhar. The nutrition-rich broth, somewhat sour and spicy, is prepared by using a combination of vegetables, tuvar dal, adding some tamarind pulp and sambhar powder.

The South Indian sensation Sambhar complements well with Hot Steamed Rice, Dosa, Puffy Idlis, Uttapam, Vadas and Upma. A wide variety of vegetables go into the Sambhar including okra, drumsticks, pumpkin, tomatoes, radish, carrot, brinjal, and onions. A fresh tempering of dried red chillies, mustard seeds, curry leaves and a pinch of asafoetida in the coconut oil is poured over the soup, which provides a refreshing aroma to the South Indian sensation. The spice mix can be added to curries, vegetarian dishes or soups to impart a typical flavour.

Sambhar Powder Recipe

The recipe is influenced by regional variations across Southern India, with the usage of different proportions of ingredients depending upon the preference for the spiciness. The base ingredients are Coriander Seeds, two Tablespoons each of Split Black Gram & Bengal Gram, Cumin Seeds and Fenugreek seeds; all dry roasted over a low flame and dry roasted until it turns golden brown. Around 20 dried Red Chillies, curry leaves, peppercorns/powder are dry roasted, to which approximately half teaspoon turmeric powder and one-fourth teaspoon asafoetida are added. The sautéed ingredients are then allowed to cool for some time and blended into a fine powder.

Health Benefits

A bowlful of Sambhar offers numerous health benefits. It is a rich source of protein as it is made out of pulses and is an excellent option for the vegetarians and vegans. The vegetables which are added to the broth are loaded with fibres and anti-oxidants which has to repair properties and strengthens the immune system as well. Fibre-rich foods control bad cholesterol and good for the heart health. Sambhar helps in the digestion of food, weight loss benefits and detoxification of the body.

Where to Buy

Different brands sell ready-made Sambhar Powder in Indian Grocery Supermarkets. While buying Sambhar Powder, watch for the lumps in the pack which is an indication of moisture, manufacturing and expiry dates. You can order your preferred brands of Sambhar Powder online from Value Supermarket, which comes in customised packs.

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