Alphonso Mangoes

The Alphonso Mango (also known as “Hapoos Aam” in Marathi) is a seasonal sensation available for a brief period during peak summers in India. It is called “The King of all Mangoes” and is the most expensive variants because of its sweetness, exotic tropical flavours, smooth texture and intense fragrance.

The Alphonso Mango was named after a Portuguese General and Military specialist Afonso De Albuquerque who introduced grafting and production of new variants of Alphonsos in India. The scarce, yet the best variety of Alphonsos are cultivated extensively in western parts of India across the regions of Ratnagiri, Devgad, Konkan and Sindhudurg.

This excellent variety of mango is considered as “One amongst 1000 things to eat before you die”. Alphonsos has a much longer shelf life of almost a week once it is ripe, thus is exported in to The European Union, The USA and the Middle East countries. The fruit has a high demand in the UK during summers, ever since they were exported to London in 1953 for the Queen’s coronation.

On an average, Alphonsos weigh between 150 g to 300 g. A fully ripe mango turns golden yellow with shades of red all over. Its size is small and is slightly egg-shaped. Alphonsos are thin-skinned, hence for protecting the fruit, they are hand harvested. Due to the presence of very high levels of a chemical called myrcene, these mangoes release a distinctive and unique aroma. Its flesh is non-fibrous and juicy which melts in the mouth.

Culinary Uses:

  • The best way to eat Alphonso Mangos is to slice it vertically and eat it with bare hands or with a spoon.
  • Alphonso Mango pulp thickened with milk or cream is eaten along with hot puris in India to beat the heat.
  • It is used to prepare flavoured smoothies, refreshing beverages, Mango Lassi (yoghurt drink), Mango Kulfis (ice-cream), Mango Barfi and Shrikhand. It is also used for decorating Cakes & Pastries.
  •  Its fragrant and juicy pulp is used in the preparation of fruit drinks, cocktails and juices.
  • We can use Alphonso Mangoes for preparing Pakoras, Curries, Pickling and Mango Chutney.
  • You can add diced mangoes to the nutritious and delicious fruit chaats or green salads for a colourfull effect and enhance the overall taste.

Health  Benefits:

Alphonso Mangoes are not only pleasing to the taste buds but have numerous health benefits as they are a vital source of essential minerals, vitamins and enzymes which improve digestion. The useful fruit is excellent for a glowing skin as they are a rich source of Vitamin C and antioxidants. It is beneficial in curing high cholesterol issues, improves eyesight as they are a rich source of Vitamin-A, treats anaemia and useful for pregnant women as it increases the Red Blood cell count. Alphonso Mangoes have a high level of Beta-carotene and is a rich source of Vitamin B-Complex.

Where to Buy Alphonso Mangoes ?

Yummy Alphonso Mangoes are available at any Indian Grocery Supermarket close to your location, or you can buy them online from Value Supermarket.

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